5 Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

5 Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

Some women might get a bit overwhelmed trying to work out a makeup look during Christmas and the holidays, so we put together a bunch of ideas for simple festive makeup looks you can adjust and create yourself without any fuss.

If you are looking for an easy, versatile look with your hair and makeup that you can wear for just about every occasion, then check out our holiday makeup step-by-step guide. Whether your best means little or lots of makeup, the beauty of the holiday season is it is completely up to you if you want to look cute or saucy. You can wear a deep red, and there is no judgement on what is the perfect makeup for the holidays.

We might be just naturally inclined towards the colour red, but the classic look of festive makeup usually comes paired with bold red lips. As one of two quintessentially Christmas colours, this listicle would not have been complete without a makeup look that featured bright, bold red lips. While not officially a holiday look, a deep red lip and deep red eyes are still an interesting, vampy look to embrace for the holidays.

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Adding subtle touches of gold over the dark, matte green undereye is ideal for a stylish but unconventional look at the holidays, which makes the natural eye colours pop. This look may be the right accent to wear to your holiday parties. 

The eye makeup is more of the basic side here as well, with light pink, tan shades, and just a bit of eyeliner. Bold eyes work best with a natural nude or pink lip and bronzing and contouring the rest of your face. Let those lashes pop while keeping the rest of the makeup on the eyes simple, only adding a small amount of black eyeliner with smudging at the outer corners to help your lashes blend in more easily.

Keep your face makeup simple and matte, and then curl up natural lashes and put three coats of your favourite lengthening mascara on to get that cleaner look. Then put a matte, ivory shade on your inner corners, eyebrow bones, and just under the lower lash line to add a nice pop. Dust the cheeks and eyes with a subtle shade of blush to tie together your look.

To recreate another look, use black pencil eyeliner to create cat eyes, and then use a smudging brush and some black eyeshadow and smudge the liner down your lash line. You can combine this with very smudged smoked eyes to take your look up a notch and make it suitable for special occasions. You can take a classic look, such as the smokey eye and elevate the glam factor by adding in some gold glitter.

Smokey eyes are a classic look that is ideal for the festive season. If you are looking to add some bling for the festive season, go for a makeup look that focuses on glittery eyelids and gorgeous lips. Pair your glittery look with a neutral makeup look so that your shimmery eyes can shine as the main attraction.

Christmas makeup does not need to be all glitter and red lips; it can also be bright and colourful. From winged eyeliner and fake lashes to the smokey Christmas eye look with a shade of blue, it is all about what kind of look you are going for and the event you want to attend.

From subtle glows that counteract a complicated Christmas hairstyle to glam statements for a festive look to coordinating holiday nail designs, we rounded up the best simple holiday makeup looks to make the process easier for you. Take your look from day to night effortlessly with some easy hacks. Get a jumpstart on planning your festive outfits with some beauty inspiration that is ideal for the occasion.

Having dewy skin is a perfect foundation to create softer looks for holidays to make a subtle statement. It looks amazing with a simple dress so that all of the attention can go entirely on the makeup. You can then apply matte shades to lips and eyes to keep the look natural. You can also wear contact lenses that complement your skin tone. Coloured contact lenses are a great way to look more stylish for the special occasion.

Moreover, you can balance out a smoky eye with rosy, tanned lipstick and a subtle blush to lift the complexion. It is either a smokey eye with nude lips or one strong lip shade and little or no makeup on the eyes. You can pair bright red lips with an unconventional eye look to get a more dramatic look: Try reddish shadow accented by some black and lots of mascara.

Always keep in mind that eyeshadow is the star of pretty much every great Christmas look, so you will want to have a seriously nice palette. With a simple smokey eye, long lashes, and bold lips – you truly cannot go wrong with that classic, glamorous look for all your festive occasions.

Pair a simple liner with fall-coloured berry lips for a simple, gorgeous holiday look. Add in some jewellery to step up your makeup game.

All in all, keep it simple and go for the look that makes you feel like the best version of yourself so that you can have a great time with your loved ones.