Nobody wants this incredible $85,000 job in New Zealand

Nobody wants this incredible $85,000 job in New Zealand

It’s not for those who enjoy working from home, but if you enjoy getting out in nature and visiting some of the most beautiful parts of the world, this could be the job for you.
The New Zealand Department of Conservation is looking for a ‘biodiversity supervisor’ in Haast, which is located on the South Island’s western edge of Mount Aspiring National Park.

Despite the fact that the job offers the successful applicant days of patrolling the most beautiful parts of New Zealand, some jet boating, and even a few helicopter rides, only three people have applied, according to local media.

“We work in one of the most beautiful natural places in the country,” says Wayne Costello, who is in charge of DOC’s operations in South Westland.
It’s nothing short of spectacular. However, not everyone will enjoy it. You’d need to be self-sufficient and able to work outside. It’s probably not for you if you like opera and theatre.”

Due to a lack of applicants, Mr Costello has expanded his search, including enticing Australians to apply.

“There are some of New Zealand’s original families down there, who pioneered farming and fishing.” They’re absolutely lovely.”
However, the region is not for everyone, especially those who enjoy city life, as the town has only about 200 residents and the nearest supermarket is about a two-hour drive away.

Where it lacks in shops and services, the region makes up for it in natural wonders, with lush rainforests, glaciers, and towering mountains dotting the park.

Mr Costello stated that the role’s main goal is to “save the Kiwi and bring the Haast tokoeka back from the brink of extinction.”
“Then there’s wildlife response with tawaki, which is usually when there’s an injury or something like that.” And we’re doing some absolutely stunning work with lizards, cascade geckos, and skinks.”

The daily commute in a helicopter or even a jet boat is about as exciting as it gets. And what about the pay? Well, not a bad gig for $A65,000 to $A85,000.
He said, “We’re looking for people who like to work with others and be part of a bigger team.”

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