Cheap and easy Kmart Halloween hack

Cheap and easy Kmart Halloween hack

A new video has shown how a few dollars and common household items can transform your house into a spooky wonderland, which has turned out to be the Halloween hack we never knew we needed. 

The “amazing” video, shared by influencer and mother ‘Mrs Gordon, shows how a Kmart witch’s hat, some removable hooks, and string can be transformed into spooky, floating decorations that appear to be levitating. 

“WHAT!!! Stop! This will be done tomorrow, “one follower stated, “You’re so inventive!” said another. 

But it was her ‘Halloween Tree’ that really struck a chord with parents everywhere. After Kmart Australia shared the video, many people praised the clever idea and promised to do the same. 

“The Halloween tree is incredible! Congratulations on getting that tree up early; now all you have to do is change out the decorations for Christmas! I adore it “one said “This is incredible.” 

“Wow, I need a Halloween tree too,” said another. “Wow! This is amazing!” 

Have you ever heard of a Halloween tree? They, like Christmas trees, are decked out in spooky decorations such as pumpkins, skulls, and spider webs. 

The idea is to put up your Christmas tree early and then simply swap out the decorations once the Halloween season is over. 

However, unlike Christmas trees, which began as a Christian tradition symbolising Christ’s resurrection, these are purely and unapologetically decorative. 

And their popularity is growing. A quick Instagram search turns up hundreds of repurposed Christmas trees making their Halloween debut this year. Like Christmas, these can be themed to your heart’s content, such as ‘Disney mum,’ who decked out her tree with Mickey Mouse. 

Others pay homage to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, which features a slew of Jack Skellingtons, Sallys, and other creepy Halloween Town characters. 

While the trend appears to have exploded this year, photos of the creative adornments first surfaced on the internet in 2019, and you can bet it’s not going away anytime soon. 

Especially since people who love Halloween also love Christmas, and this is a simple way to ease into the holiday season.

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